Everything is so expensive anyway so I decided to find products that were made in USA. I still occasionally shop at big box stores like Wayfair and Home Depot, but I’ve dramatically increased purchasing from small businesses. I want to buy products from companies that are focused on local production and transportation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I’m also concerned about the overconsumption of cheap goods from overseas made through the exploitation of natural resources and impoverished labor forces. This includes corporate America’s impoverishment of our local American labor force, by turning our country into a service economy. Cheap goods made through exploitation are cheaper because of that exploitation. The corporate elites have given us an unreasonable expectation for cheap goods.

We live in a consumer-based economy. 70% of our economy is based on consumption. So it’s extremely important to spend our money locally to help our local communities. With the recent supply chain issues we must buy local, support local or small businesses, and stop exporting good-paying jobs. The elites in American corporations (and the government) don’t care about us. The only way to stop the continuous corporatization of America is to #buylocal #buysmall. All we have is each other.

P.S. I’m doing other things such as banking at a credit union, getting prescriptions from local pharmacy (this was hard to find), farmers markets, lowering my consumption, buy nothing groups (barter system), stopped using google in favor of Qwant, Ecosia, or Duck Duck Go search engines, start a container garden, mutual aid. I’d love to hear more ideas if you can share!

Bella Slipcovered Sofa

I was privileged enough to find this piece for my personal living room, located in the furniture capital of the USA, Charlotte, North Carolina! The Bella Fabric Cottage Slipcovered Sofa is proudly made in the USA. You can choose from 50 fabric options to match your style, whether you’re decorating a cottage or your main home. This American-made sofa features rolled arms, a dressmaker skirt, and plush seats for a cozy and comforting space. The T-cushion back provides extra support, ensuring everyone loves sinking into its comfort. The practicality shines through with a removable slipcover, making maintenance a breeze. Embrace the charm of American craftsmanship and order your Bella Slipcovered Sofa today from Club Furniture’s distinguished Bella Collection.

Wall Mounted Vinyl Mini – Up To 2′ Framed Bulletin Board

I purchased this last year and I couldn’t be happier! Enhance your space with this American-made bulletin board, designed for both functionality and style. The patented design allows you to use any type of push pin, tack, or map pin to display pictures, reminders, and notes effortlessly. This modern Satin Black framed corkboard is a versatile solution for offices, homes, or commercial spaces. The canvas-style material ensures durability, preventing wear and tear, and maintaining a pristine appearance. Each board comes with easy-to-hang hardware and simple installation instructions, making it a convenient addition to your decor. With 50 colored push pins included, this bulletin board is not only practical but also adds a touch of personalization to your space. Elevate your home decor with this high-quality, American-made bulletin board, proudly crafted to display your memories and messages with style.

Ticking Stripe Duvet Cover

I love Redland Cotton bedding! I have their entire sheet set, quilts, and now I just got their duvet cover. Elevate your sleep experience with their exquisite, USA-made bedding. Their timeless ticking stripe duvet cover is meticulously crafted from 100% cotton grown on a family farm in Alabama, ensuring superior quality and comfort. The duvet cover showcases their signature yarn size and weave construction, delivering a crisp, cool percale sheet that feels heavenly to sleep on.

Designed with perfection in mind, their striped duvet cover features a printed ticking stripe pattern in either charcoal or a vibrant red stripe. The duvet cover, available for various bed sizes, is equipped with ties in all four corners to secure your duvet insert. Its 8-button closure at the bottom ensures that your duvet stays securely in place throughout the night.

Experience the luxury of their American-made sheets and duvet cover, bringing a touch of elegance and comfort to your bedroom. Transform your sleep sanctuary with the exceptional quality and timeless style of their ticking stripe duvet cover. Shop today and indulge in the perfect blend of style and coziness!

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Cotton Bath Towels

These are my favorite towels! I am grateful to use Redland Cotton again! Like their bed linen collection, their bath towels are proudly made in the USA. Their luxurious towels are crafted with 2-ply loops that pack in more cotton for an extra soft, smooth, and absorbent touch. Whether you’re on the hunt for a single, USA-made white bath towel or a complete set, you’ve hit the jackpot right here on our website. Dive into the world of quality cotton bath towels online at Red Land Cotton and give your bathrooms the upgrade they deserve. 🛁

I know liquid soap is more popular but I love bar soap! One of the downsides of bar soap is that it gets mushy and messy! The solution I found is a self draining soap dish and this creator on Etsy makes the best ones!

Self Draing Soap Dish

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McMullen Desk

I searched high and low and finally found an affordable wood desk for my office and sewing room made in the USA. Since 1991, Loon Peak has been producing high-quality, American-made desks. No particle board is used, every part, from doors to moldings, is manufactured on-site, ensuring meticulous quality. The drawers feature full extension glides, and exposed shelves have solid front moldings. Baltic Birch is used for sturdy drawer boxes, Sherwin Williams stains, sealants, and the manufacturing process, offering a top-tier USA-made desk for discerning customers.

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My Favorite American Made Clothing

Red Buffalo Flannel Pajamas

Red Buffalo Flannel Lounge Pajamas

My husband adores these flannel PJs! The Original Lounge Pants, unmatched in comfort with a soft waistband and premium flannel. Pair with a Flannel Henley or Pocket T-shirt for ultimate coziness. Safety-stitched, side pockets, and 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton ensure quality. USA-made for comfort and style. 🌙

Warmer Soles

Introducing Warmer Soles, a Vermont-based micro-company crafting the coziest house slippers. Hailing from a single room in their home, every order holds significance for this growing family business. They take pride in sourcing 100% sheepskin and thread from American suppliers, minimizing their ecological impact. With thoughtful material selection and handcrafted precision, they strive for an eco-friendly approach. Although their meticulous process takes time, usually 2 to 4 weeks, and up to 6 during peak seasons, the warmth and quality are worth the wait!

Psudo Shoes

PSUDOs takes pride in being an American-born sneaker, revolutionizing the way shoes are made. With a transparent supply chain and a dedication to local manufacturing using ethical labor, they’re committed to changing the game. PSUDO employs purposeful, on-demand manufacturing to reduce waste, ensuring that every component in their sneakers is intentionally chosen and known, reflecting their commitment to quality and sustainability.

Zkano Socks

At Fort Payne, Alabama, they’re passionate about crafting their socks, and they prioritize the origins of their raw materials. Their organic cotton is grown, spun, and dyed in the U.S.A., ensuring transparency at every step. Partnering with kind and hard-working cotton farmers and yarn spinners in West Texas and North Carolina, their socks are truly born and bred in the South, reflecting a commitment to quality and local craftsmanship.

City Threads Undergarments

City Threads is the ONLY place I buy underwear from! They have undergarments and pajamas for adults and kids! City Threads traces back to childhood, where discomfort in fancy garments inspired a commitment to creating clothing that’s not just nice-looking but supremely comfortable. Recognizing the annoyance of zippers, buttons, and snaps, they’ve designed garments free of these fasteners, prioritizing softness for sensitive skin. Carefully sourced fabrics, free of harsh chemicals or dyes, ensure comfort, while high-quality, 100% cotton guarantees durability. Their clothes, made in the U.S.A., hold their shape even after numerous washes, reflecting a dedication to creating kid-friendly, comfortable, and stylish apparel.

Household Items

Tough Traveler

Discover Tough Traveler, a family-owned business crafting durable American-made backpacks since 1970. Nestled in the industrial heart of Upstate NY, their Schenectady factory handmakes each bag with the highest quality domestic materials, guaranteeing resilience to heavy use. Committed to unique and practical designs, their 100% American manufacturing upholds robust construction, strong labor standards, and environmental responsibility. With over 50 years of excellence, thousands have found lasting value in their bags. Explore Tough Traveler; you’re sure to find the perfect blend of quality and durability!


Supporting Replay means contributing to saving 100 MILLION milk jugs from the landfill. Their sustainable and earth-friendly products not only help families protect the planet but are also affordable, promoting reuse and sustainability. The kid’s cups are safe, free of BPA, BPS, lead, PVC, phthalates, and harmful coatings. Their evolving product line upholds the mission of providing premium tableware at an affordable price, with a steadfast commitment to environmentally and socially responsible practices.

Home & Garden

Shed Direct, Inc.

Shed Direct

Looking for a shed that fits your budget and needs? Sheds Direct, Inc. has got you covered! From compact storage sheds to personalized workshops, they offer a diverse range to suit every requirement. What makes them stand out is their dedication to quality craftsmanship, tailored solutions, and exceptional customer service. Unlike others in the market, they prioritize individuality, steering clear of mass production and shortcuts. Every shed is handcrafted by their skilled team, using top-notch materials and techniques right in the communities they serve.”

Hoss Garden Tools

They’re committed to offering American-made garden tools and products that excel in durability and performance. Hoss Tools, a family-owned and operated business, takes pride in their high-quality, American-made garden tools. Their seeds, rigorously tested for optimal growth, boast the highest germination rates, ensuring a thriving garden.

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